Can I join the Freemasons even though one Freemason doesn't approve of me?

by Carlos Marco
(San Carlos City, Philippines)

When I was 14, I was approached by several De Molay(branch of Freemasons) members and was asked if I wanted to join their organization, and since I am a Catholic, I told them I will will not join them because they were antichrist(as one of our teacher said). One of their members(my classmate) told me that I should never join them because of what I did. Now he is a Freemason, and over the years(I'm 25 now), I grew interest in joining because, they say, becoming a Freemason makes an individual attain higher enlghtenment and encourages them to be better men. I am interested to join.

My question is, if one Freemason objects me from joining, does that mean I would never get the chance to join or get initiated? My classmate is in abroad now, but if I pledge there's a chance the Freemasons will look into my past actions on criticizing them or ask my classmate/batchmate regarding my profile.

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Aug 02, 2017
Fair enough
by: Thane

Fist off, Freemasonry welcomes Catholics, although Rome still prohibits them from joining. Having been a Mason for many years, I can see no reason, no conflict, but it's the Pope's call, not mine.

Secondly, something that minor which happened so long ago would not in my opinion be a bar to membership, even if it were generally known.

Thirdly, each lodge has its own rules and makes its own decisions as to who it admits. Your friend could not stand in your way unless he was a member of a lodge you were trying to join.

Lastly, in some places, one person objecting is enough to bar an applicant. In others, it takes two.

Bottom line? I wouldn't worry about it.

Good luck.

Oct 09, 2018
join freemason

Please I am interested to join freemason have been tried so many time but I think I will make it today

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