Can Freemsason Membership be Withdrawn?

by Marvel Godwyn

Once you have become a Mason can the organization withdraw your membership, or can you by yourself withdraw your membership?

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May 17, 2013
by: Tom

You may certainly leave Freemasonry. In most jurisdictions, all that is required for a Mason in good standing is to write a letter saying so. Freemasons have neither the authority nor the desire to keep people against their will.

Can the Craft eject a Mason? Certainly. A Mason who becomes delinquent in paying his dues can be suspended. As well, a Mason can be expelled by the Craft for bad behaviour - an open violation of his oath, for example, or for criminal behaviour (eg a lawyer or investor stealing from his clients or a man beating his wife).

Sep 12, 2015
My questions are answered
by: Marvel Godwyn

Thank you so much my questions are answers, i appreciate .

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