Becoming a Mason

by Nickolas
(Forest Lake, Minnesota )

Ok I'm trying to apply for membership in Minnesota. I'm just wondering if I need to know a couple Masons for reference reasons or is that something in the past. I'm a good standing citizen and I'll be going back to school in the fall for criminology. I've been really interested in Masonry for a long time. Like I've said before, I'm blown away by the list of great men that shaped this country, and really most of the civilized world. Thanks for your time and the wonderful site you put together.

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Jan 20, 2015
Becoming a mason
by: Fred

Don't worry too much abiut the signing if your petition. Its true that the form requires the signatures of 2 master masons in good standing. That's something that the lodge will handle in most cases. If you know a master mason, he can sign it for you. If not, your lodge will normally get 2 master masons to sign if you don't know anyone.

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