Are Woman Masons too????

by Jessica Edwards

I am curious to know if being a Granddaughter and Great granddaughter of a 33rd degree Mason For 3 generations Means anything ??? And The daughter of a 33rd degree Mason means anything ?? Both my granddads were Shriner"s and I have their Rings I wear around my neck. Is that Ok ??? Please help me out and answer my questions. Thanks again and have a GREAT DAY.

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Mar 09, 2015
Woman Masons
by: Fred

Thank you for your question. The short answer is "No", women can not be masons. It's a fraternity. Honoring your father and grandfather by wearing their rings on a chain or chains around your neck is a great thing, and totally appropriate. In closing, don't get hung up on the degree numbers, as all Master Masons are the same in the Blue Lodge, which is the base of masonry.

Mar 09, 2015
by: Tharn

Dear Ms Edwards,

My sincere congratulations, ma'am. It must have been quite a family.

With respect to your status in Masonry, how to put it? No person who has not themselves been initiated as a Mason is a Mason. Your brother (assuming you have one) would be in precisely the same boat.

That said, most places would hold it perfectly acceptable for you to wear your grandfathers' rings like that. It's a very touching way to remember them, I think.

There do exist bodies which style themselves as female Masons (women only) and coMasons (men and women). Their status is, to say the least, uncertain and they are not recognized as Masons by the overwhelming majority of Masonic jurisdictions. Mainstream Masonry is a fraternity, a group for men only.

On the other hand, I am pretty sure that you would be welcomed with open arms by the Order of the Eastern Star, a co-ed body which is recognized as legitimate by Mainstream Masonry.

Hope that helps.



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