Are Masonic tattoos acceptable?

I am a Mason. With that being said I see a lot of brothers with Masonic tats (square, compass, G.) I don't want to be frowned upon; is it cool or not, honestly?

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Jan 18, 2015
It depends
by: Lant

Now that's a helpful line, isn't it?

I have never seen anything written barring such. I think much of it would depend on your own lodge and its character and perhaps the nature of the tattoo. A very conservative lodge might not be impressed, but most lodges I've visited wouldn't blink.

Jan 19, 2015
Masonic tattoos
by: Fred

Masonic tattoos, cool?
That depends upon the attitude of the person viewing it, and the actual tattoo. Most people who have tattoos did not get them to look cool. Most tattoos mean something to the wearer. As far as being acceptable, i hace nrver read nor been told that they're not, nor has anyone ever frowned upon them in any lodge I have traveled to. I have a Masonic tattoo, a Compass and Square on my upper right arm, and it has been well received by most people that have seen it. (Listed on this site as C&S rip). The only concern that i would have is that you find a tattoo artist, who is a mason, they will understand better what you want.
In short,there is nothing wrong with masonic tattos,they show pride in the craft, and advertise masonry, just as a belt buckle, or ring do.

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