Are Freemasons really for the betterment of all mankind?

by Elliott Whitaker
(Grand Rapids Mi.)

I've paid too close attention to my surroundings,although I accept my errors I cannot see the love this supposed new age claims to bring. I've seen man destroy his surroundings my whole life and have read many hours of books on the subject.

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Oct 03, 2015
Dunno. Who..... Are.... YOU?
by: Tharn

It would be hard to say that Masonry is for the betterment of mankind, except maybe indirectly.

Our goal is to make individual men better, specifically in terms of morality. So I suppose one could say that we are for the 'betterment of mankind', but only to the extent that better individuals can or do improve the world.

Oct 03, 2015
Good to mankind
by: Fred

Thank you for your question.
Let me try to explain if I can, Freemasonry has evolved from the building of structures to the building of men. "To make good men better." Our rituals teach moral lessons, reenforcing the lessons we learn in life. The symbols remind us of these lessons, and our obligations to self, family, God, and country. These lessons in morality, in most cases, become extensions of who we are as individuals, and affect our daily lives.

Freemasons contribute many millions of dollars daily to charities, to numerous to mention here. Several are: Dyslexic Leaelrning Centers for children, in which, at no cost to the parents, children with Dyslexia are taught to read, Shriners Hospitals for children, where medical treatment , is provided free of charge, both organizations subsidized by private donations.

The betterment of mankind is achieved through our dealings with our fellow man. Each of us providing an example of who we have become through Masonry.

I hope this helps, and I trust that several of my masonic brethren who frequent this site will add to my post.


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