A Mason Tattoo

I went and got a tattoo in remembrance of my grandfather who was a mason. I didn't have anything to remember him by so I did it the best way I know how. And that was to get a tattoo (with the mason symbol) but I'm not a mason. I didn't know I couldn't get the symbol because I'm not one. I just wanted to honor him by getting the tattoo but I kinda feel bad because I'm not a mason but I didn't know.. Am I suppose to feel down about this?

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Apr 11, 2019
by: Bob

I think it’s nice that you wish to honour your grandfather’s memory. However it happens, it’s to your credit.

Jun 25, 2019
by: Fred

Good morning and thank you for you question.
A Masonic tattoo is usually applied by a mason to honor his being a mason, and no one cab stop you from getting one, however, it’s not recommended. Many people will assume that you are trying to advertise membership in the fraternity, and may not stop to ask about it. As a mason,I have a compass and square tattoo, to honor the craft. You could add to your tattoo, a statement such as "in honor of my grandfather who was a mason." It’s really your call.


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