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Masonic News & Views - The Rescue
January 27, 2014
Greetings Brother,

Sometimes coming to the rescue can get a little prickly, but it's still worth it.

It was a beautiful day here at the CowChows. I went out for a meander earlier just to enjoy the afternoon sun and take some air. I was jolted from my Spring fantasy plans of landscaping and gardening by a small, frantic voice crying for help. I stopped and waited for it to come again. Was it the kids next door playing or did someone actually need help, and if so where were they?

Finally, it did come again and it was clearly a child's voice, and they weren't playing. It was coming from up the road and as I scanned the area I saw movement in the bushes by the road. I started in that direction. As I drew nearer I could make out their frantic cries, "We need help! We're tangled up in a sticker bush!"

When I arrived on the scene I discovered there were two of them. One, I didn't know but he couldn't have been more than about six years old. He had sandy blond hair, blue eyes and the wild wide-eyed look of a frightened animal cub. The other, was Focus.

"Focus! Is that you?"

With a tremor in his voice, "Yeah, can you help us? We're tangled up in a sticker bush."

"Sure I can help you Focus. Hang on, I'm coming."

Only a few feet beyond the edge of the road the undergrowth is a jungle of brambles, bushes and vines. It turned out they had gotten snarled in some blackberry vines, which are considered man-eaters around here because they grow to be enormous and the more you struggle the more ensnared you become. I eased in, being careful to not become entangled myself. I reached out for Focus and he naturally raised his arms so that I could get a grip beneath them, and then I lifted him up and clear of the bramble. As his feet touched the ground he said, "That's my friend, Kevin."

I turned to Kevin and put my arms out, “Hi Kevin. I’m Tim. You ready to get out of there?”

He looked up at me, still with that scared wild animal look in his eyes and said, "I don't need help!"

"Okay, but be careful. Try to step on top of the vines and mash 'em down to the ground."

"I know," he said impatiently as he struggled against the snake-like vines.

I stepped farther in to try and make a path for him, and as I did the vines closed behind me. "Step this way, Kevin, and come right through here."

"I don't need no help!" he screamed, now thrashing against the fang-like barbs that held him.

"Okay, I'm not helping. I'm just making a path so you can...."

Suddenly, the vines holding him from behind turned loose and he comes crashing into me. He's small and bounces off, but the impact is enough that I lose my balance. I step back to catch myself and realize too late that something has snagged my foot and down I go right into the painful and jealous embrace of the blackberry beast.

Over the screams inside my head I heard Focus, "Are you okay, Mister Tim?"

"Yeah, I'm okay Focus. Is Kevin okay?"

"Yeah, he's okay. He's out." And then from the same direction I hear Kevin, "I told you I didn't need no help!"

I tried to sit up, but immediately lay back down. The beast had a good grip on me. I tried moving this arm, then the other, and every movement seemed to sink its teeth deeper into my flesh. Finally I called out, "Okay Focus, I may need a little help here. Can you go and..."

But before I could finish I heard his mother call his name. And then I hear, "Sorry Mister Tim. We gotta go."

"Wait, Focus! Just send somebody to help. Tell Lady BG or your dad I need some help, okay?.....Okay Focus?

The only reply was the sound of their boots slip-slapping against the road surface as they ran down the hill.

"Focus?" "Kevin?" "Anybody?"

"I need help! I'm tangled up in a sticker bush!"

Fraternally yours,

Tim Couch

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