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Masonic News & Views - My new friend...
February 10, 2014
Greetings Brother,

Today was one of those rare days at the CowChows that makes you want to sing with the birds or stand in the yard with arms outstretched, throw your head back, and spin with joy. Or, if you're like me it makes you want to fix stuff.

I decided to catch up on some of those unfinished remodel projects, like caulking around the kitchen countertops. In prepping for the job the Lady BG asked me to take the toaster outside and clean it. I was just shaking the last stubborn bits loose and mumbling something about professional tile guys not having to clean toasters before they can use their caulk gun, when I suddenly became aware that I was being observed. I turned, and standing a few steps away was a miniature angel with an impish grin.

"Hello," she said.

"Hello," I returned. "Where did you come from?"

When she giggled her tiny hand came up to cover her perfect bow shaped lips and her eyes shone with a secret.

I looked around. "Did I say something funny?"

"No," she cried, shaking her head and doubling over with more giggles.

I waited, not wanting to send her into complete hysteria by asking something hilarious like, "What's your name?"

Finally, she gained her composure and asked, "Why were you doing that?"

"Doing what?" I wondered.

"Thtrangling your toathter and mumbling to yourthelf like that."

"Was I?"

"MmmHmmm," she nodded.

"Well, it burned my bread this morning and had to be punished," I told her.

She studied me for a long moment as if trying to decide something, then smiled and shook her head. The imp disappeared and she was pure angel, and her chestnut curls danced around her face.

"My name is Tim," I said.

She smiled again and said, "Hello, my name ith Kinthley."

"I'm sorry, Kin...?"

She rolled her eyes and her right hand came up to her hip. "Yeth," she declared, "I have a lithp and my parenth gave me a name with a 'th' in it. Ith called irony!"

"So then," I ventured cautiously, "your name is.. Kinsley?"

She nodded, once.

"Hello Kinsley; it's a great pleasure to meet you," I said with a courtly bow. I don't know why.

"Thank you," she beamed. "Do you know Focuth?"

"I do know Focuth, Focus. Is he a friend of yours?"

Gratiously, she ignored my thlip and continued, "Yeth, ith he a friend of yourth?"

"Well, we only met a short time ago but I'd like to think we're on our way to becoming good friends."

"That'th good," she said nodding thoughtfully. "Focuth is a good friend. I'm a good friend, too."

"That's very nice to know," I said, "I think I'm a good friend, too."

"We'll thee," she said simply.

"Do you live around here, Kinsley?" I asked.

"No, my Nana doeth. Thhe livth over there," she said pointing through the trees across the road. "My mom bringth me to vithit Nana when thhe needth a break."

"I see," I said. "And, what is it she needs a break from?"

"Me," she said looking down at her shoe. "Thhe thays I'm precothiouth. That meanth I'm ethtra cute and ethtra thmart, and thometimeth I'm juth too muth." She shrugged her little shoulders and kicked at a stone in the drive.

"Well, I think your Nana must be very happy to have you visit," I told her. "Does your Nana know where you are now?"

She looked across the road toward the neighbor's house, and the impish grin returned. "Not yet."

Fraternally yours,

Tim Couch

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