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Masonic News & Views -- Guardian Angels
April 19, 2010
Greetings Brother,

Normally, I go through life without giving much thought to guardian angels. I know they're around and they sometimes intercede on our behalf when something bad is about to happen. But then, sometimes they don't intercede and the bad things do happen. How do they decide? Do they follow the rules of destiny, whatever those are? Or, perhaps they are unable to interfere with our free will. Or, maybe sometimes they're just not paying attention. Normally, I figure, we are completely unaware of their efforts to help us or spare us or even to save us. But, there are times when things unfold in such a way that you know with absolute certainty someone has been watching out for you. On our trip home from Malta Barbara Gayle's angel was working overtime. Fortunately for me, I was along for the ride.

When we arrived in Amsterdam we discovered that our connecting flight back to the States had been delayed six hours, but for some unknown reason we had been rescheduled to another flight. Our new flight would not only be leaving a little earlier than our original one, but it was a Royal Dutch Airline KLM flight rather than Delta. We didn't know what difference it made, but we soon found out.

The KLM airship was large, roomy, spotlessly clean, and looked practically new. We had great seats just ahead of the wing on the port side. We were immediately impressed and settled in for the long ride home. The flight crew was excellent and every time I looked up they were bringing drinks, meals, snacks, or hot towels down the aisle, all complimentary too.

But, about three hours into the flight Barbara Gayle wasn't feeling well. We summoned the flight attendant and as it turned out there had been one no-show in the otherwise fully booked first-class section. The senior purser invited her to rest there until she felt better. I, of course, did not get to see the first-class section but from her description it sounded more like a spa than an airplane seat. She could've stayed up there for the entire flight but after a few hours, for some silly reason, she returned to be with me. Go figure.

We made our connecting flight in Atlanta and when we touched down in Springfield our good friend and Brother, and his lovely wife, were mere minutes away with our car.

Next morning we learned about the volcano in Iceland and flights being grounded in Europe. From what we could determine our original flight never got off the ground.

So, in the final analysis there is one inescapable conclusion. The secret is not in having a guardian angel, but in being loved by someone who does.

Fraternally yours,

Tim Couch

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