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Masonic News & Views - Dazed in the maze
November 25, 2013
Greetings Brother,

I hope this finds you well and that life is treating you kindly.

Me, I'm a little down in the crapper today. In case you're not familiar with that term it's a southern U.S. euphemism for being lower than the belly of a snake slithering through a bar ditch. If you're not familiar with the term, 'bar ditch' it's a southern U.S. euphemism for 'borrow ditch,' which is just the result of using good old fashioned common sense to build a road. The whole of which is to say that I'm just a little depressed.

I've spent the last several days working my way through this maze we have all come to know as Obamacare. Yes, I am one of the 5-to-35 percent of the population whose current health insurance coverage has been deemed substandard and will cease to exist at the first of the year. To be fair the plan I currently have is pretty poor but it's what I could afford and it's better than nothing, which is what I'll have in a few weeks if I can't find my way through this maze.

I'm not actually trying to understand the law itself, no one it seems is capable of that. I'm just trying to apply for the eligibility to apply for an Affordable Care Act compliant plan. Here in Oregon, as I understand it, you first have to apply for eligibility by submitting all your personal and financial information to a goverment bureaucracy. Then, you'll receive a letter telling you to which health care plans you may apply for coverage. But, this whole health insurance thing isn't the reason for my being down in the crapper. It merely led me to the realization that caused my downward slither into the bar ditch of depression.

In gathering our financial information in order to apply for the eligibility to apply I discovered that financially the Lady BG would be better off without me. To be honest, I always suspected I was a liability to her but I'd never before seen it in the cold hard glare of a balance sheet. It's not that I mind her being the principle bread winner in the family; one of us has to be. And, it's not that I mind really, being a financial liability to her. But, I really do resent having it pointed out to me. Why did I need to know this? What's so wrong with being blissfully ignorant? Now that I have this information what am I supposed to do with it?

So, I've been looking around for the silver lining. There's usually one to be found eventually, and I think maybe this is it. I'm really glad that the government did not include life insurance in the Affordable Care Act. If they had, and in the process of applying for the eligibility to apply I were presented with the current value of my life I might get caught in my own cross-fire.

All the best and best regards. Fraternally yours,


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