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Masonic News & Views -- CowChows Spook Light
September 19, 2010
Greetings Brother,

There is a corner of the CowChows where I seldom go, but I didn't actually know why until last night. It's a heavily forested area, thick with brambles, that even in the light of day seems dark and eerily foreboding. I've never actually seen anything but then, the few times I've gone there I felt so uneasy that I never stayed very long. And, I'd never been there at night.

I was driving home from a late meeting. The only sound was of the cool night air rushing through the open car windows. Rounding the final curve of the long and winding drive, the warm glow of lights within the house welcomed me home. The car engine growled softly as we climbed the hill, and it was then that I noticed the strange bluish light in the trees off to my left.

My first thought was that it was a flashlight but it was much too bright; a lantern, perhaps. Whatever it was it shouldn't have been there; not at this time of night. As much as I wanted to ignore it, I couldn't. Someone was out there, and I couldn't think of any valid reason for them to be. After making sure everything was okay in the house I grabbed a flashlight, and slipped out the back door into the darkness.

A couple hundred yards from the house I paused at the edge of the woods, switched off the flashlight, and waited for my eyes to adjust to the dim light of the moon. I could see the bluish glow through the trees and it seemed to shimmer as if refracted by water. I crept slowly forward, but every footfall seemed amplified by the rustle of leaves or snap of a twig. I paused frequently to listen and watch for any hint of the trespasser, but saw and heard nothing.

As I drew nearer, the light seemed to grow brighter. I could see that it was coming from within a small clearing, and as I crept closer I was finally able to see it. Directly in the center of the clearing, suspended a few feet above the ground and not more than ten feet away was a pulsing, shimmering orb of blue light. Its size was difficult to determine. It appeared to shrink to the size of a golf ball and then pulse to that of a basketball. Its brightness should have been blinding, but somehow I was able to look directly at it. It was mesmerizing.

I stepped into the clearing and the light winked out, and was gone. I froze, but nothing happened. I stepped back into the woods and waited, but it did not return. I raised the flashlight to see if I could spot anything or anyone in the woods around me, but the batteries were completely drained. I crept cautiously back into the clearing hoping to find some evidence or explanation for what I'd seen. I knelt at the center of the clearing and carefully began brushing leaves from the forest floor. The woods were deathly still and eerily silent, and a tiny voice from somewhere behind me said, "Whatcha doin?"

I jumped, and when I came down I was on the back porch of the house; panting, sweating, and shaking. Gradually, the sound of my own heart began to fade and I heard the unmistakable tinkling laughter of children.

Did the little blond haired girl next door create the spook-light, or did she and her little brother, Mason, simply take advantage of the situation? Looks like I've got a mystery to solve and kids to get even with.

Fraternally yours,

Tim Couch

Now, on with the news........................

We received word this week that Brother Burl McCullough has successfully undergone his double lung transplant procedure. While the procedure was technically successful, he is battling an elevated ammonia level. Please keep Brother Burl and his lady Donna in your hearts and prayers for "awhile" yet to come.

Monday, September 20 and Wednesday, September 22, 2010: Gate of the Temple Lodge No. 422 will meet in Special Communication for work in the 1st Degree of Freemasonry. Lodge will be duly Opened at 6:00 PM and there will be nourishment following the work.

Thursday, September 23, 2010: Forsyth Lodge No. 453 will meet in Special Communication for the purpose of conferring the 2nd Degree of Freemasonry. Dinner will be ready at 6:15 and Lodge will be duly Opened at 7:00 PM.

Friday, September 24, 2010: Friend Lodge No. 352 in Ozark, MO will meet in Special Communication for work in the 3rd Degree of Freemasonry. Dinner at 6:30 and Lodge will be duly Opened at 7:00 PM.

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