33rd Freemason

by M Melanson
(Black HIlls SD)



Would like to identify jewelry box items. And uses for headwear. Plan to keep and shadow box certificates, membership, and literature.

I apologize for multiple entries. Started on a mobile phone. Ran into issues. Moved to the laptop.

Message from Tim: No worries and no apology necessary. We're publishing just this entry. The two headwear photos were identical so I removed one. Thanks for sharing and for not giving up. Hope we can help.

With kind regards,

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Jul 29, 2019
New to site, be patient please
by: M Melanson

I was thankful to find this forum.
As stated I had basically written a short story explaining how I came to be here and why which was lost but after reading other comments it appears I'm in fine company. Mostly we are the loved ones caring for and managing a large piece of our family history. I look forward to any feedback that helps with identifying specific pieces please.
Until next time I wish you well.

Jul 30, 2019
by: Fred

Good morning and thank you for posting your pictures. As always, Tim posts what’s needed for us. What you have is a collection of Masonic regalia from several different venues. I’ve seen Masonic cuff links, a Shriner’s fez, a past masters jewel, and what appears to be a Knights Templar jewel. The person who initially owned these was a member of not only his local "Blue" lodge, was a past master there in, but was also a member of the Scottish Rite, according to the books, and possible the York Rite, if I’m "reading " the jewel correctly. Your making a shadow box for all of this is a fabulous idea, and I wish you much success. Another way to honor the person who owned these, works be to become a Freemason, earl the degrees, and wear the items yourself, it’s dobe all the time. Good luck


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