A Freemason's Secrets

"There are philosophic secrets concealed within the Masonic system. They are to be distinguished from the merely formal secrets imparted ceremonially.

By these secrets is not meant information that can be imparted or withheld at will, but truths inherent in the system itself; truths needing to be extracted from it, like poetry or music from the printed page, by personal effort, and which can be recognized as truths only by the responsiveness of the soul after deeply meditating and assimilating them.

Hence we are taught them by means of signs, tokens and perfect points of entrance, meaning appropriate faculties of perception and understanding. Inward truths and mysteries are inevitably and automatically secret from those who lack the faculty to perceive them." - W.L. Wilmshurst

"Freemasonry is a progressive science......"

How many Freemasons does it take to change a light bulb? In Freemasonry there are no simple questions.

  • What do we mean by change?
  • Can the dark bulb not be brought back to Light?
  • Should the resulting Light of the bulb reveal or conceal?
  • Is our purpose in changing the bulb to dispell the darkness?
  • Once changed, will the bulb transmit its Light to other bulbs?

Yes, Freemasons are an odd lot all around with a lot more questions than answers. But, we often find the journey more rewarding than the destination. If you are seeking answers to life's constantly changing questions; if you have reached that point in your life where you know there must be more; or if you simply enjoy a good metaphysical discussion we bid you welcome.

Come along and take a peek behind the Masonic curtain. Within these pages we will endeavor to explain and enlighten, to gather and dispel, to reveal the Light within the darkness.

So Mote It Be.

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